.About BKA Group

BKA is the most equipped and only manufacturer of GRE pipes and fittings in Iran which is confirmed in AVL of national oil companies. BKA’s production facility is established in a land of 15000 square meters in Qazvin province of Iran and the company benefits from fully automatic Western European machinery, technology, consultancy and domestic superintendents. One of the outstanding features of BKA’s product is their long life time of over fifty years and high corrosion resistance compared to other pipes

Behesht Kavir Ariana started its activity in the field of supplying pipes for different industries such as; oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, water and waste water applications. With the goal of saving the environment, quality improvement, and increasing pipe and fitting standards the company started establishing a factory plant and latest European technology was transferred to Iran




GRE products (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) manufactured by BKA industrial group such as: pipes, fitting and storage tanks are fabricated under license of FLOXY® international trade mark.