FLOXYCLAD® is delivered as pre-molded parts for straights, fittings, end caps, flange boxes and valve boxes.  FLEXYCLAD®  pieces are joined with FLOXYCLAD’s range of exclusive adhesives. The FLEXYCLAD® system is designed to encapsulate the entire insulation system End cap to End Cap. It is able to withstand a marine environment, exposure to UV light, high humidity and rainfall.


FLEXYCLAD® is a pre-cured glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composite jacket delivered as pipe sections and a range of molded accessories including bends, reducers and tees for application over insulated steel pipes. Ideal for the areas where there is a high risk of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), FLOXYCLAD® works with any insulation system and will allow the system to perform at its highest level. This grade has been developed specifically for its fire and smoke properties, to meet the requirements of the oil and gas service conditions. This grade is difficult to ignite, has short burn time, self-extinguishes and has low levels of smoke.

FLOXYCLAD® series are jacketing products that offer a physical and impact resistance with a smooth and gapless surface. It protects the installation in case of high traffic accidents and chemical agents.

It offers by default an insulation up to 12 inches, while extremely cost efficient to increase the durability on land or offshore installations. The product can be applicable in temperatures from 15 to 70 + ° C with a 15 years warranty.

•Rigid GRP coating suitable for mechanical protection
•Strong and waterproof connections
•Extraordinary long adhesion after the insulation
•Vapor Barrier in performance
•Easy repair and renovation
•Zero exchange of water vapor

•Prevent corrosion under insulation
•Avoid unexpected stops in industrial systems
•Longer insulation maintenance time
•Minimize equipment and machinery operating cycle costs
•Maximize the use of equipment and machinery

•Resin viscosity-ASTM D2196
•Percentage of solid resin-ISO 3251
•Moisture of glass fibers-ISO 3344
•Surface weight of fiberglass-ISO 3374