FLOXY® high pressure GRE pipes and fittings for high pressure oil & gas field and industrial applications are manufactured in nominal sizes from 25 to 250 mm (1 to 10 inch) and can be used at nominal pressures up to 120 bars with service temperatures up to 90°C.

Typical application includes the following:

  • Water injection lines
  • Oil & Gas flow lines
  • Trunk lines
  • CO2 injection pipes
  • Corrosive drainage lines

Design standard

FLOXY® high pressure GRE products comply with the requirements of API 15HR and ISO 14692 standards. The long-term performance of the pipes and fittings is determined according to ASTM D2992 standard (method B), considering a 20-year design life.

GRE products are manufactured in filament winding process and incorporate high strength continuous glass fiber roving impregnated by a corrosion resistant epoxy resin system on to a steel mandrel. The material and winding angle are carefully selected to result the strongest and most thermal and corrosive resistant fiberglass piping system. Full range of fittings with API 5B threads including Elbows, Tees, Reducers and Flanges are available.

The advantages of FLOXY® high-pressure epoxy composite pipes are as follows:
  1. About 1/4 the weight of steel
  2. Superior flow characteristics
  3. Excellent corrosion resistance and long service life
  4. Exceptional pressure and axial load capabilities
  5. Reduced installation costs
  6. Reduced Paraffin & Scale build-up
  7. Reduced maintenance cost