Two component epoxy paste adhesive

Araldite® 2013

Product Description
Description Araldite 2013 is a two component, room temperature curing, paste adhesive of high strength and toughness. It is thixotropic with good environmental and chemical resistance. Although it is designed as a metal bonding adhesive it is also suitable for glass, rubbers, rigid plastics and most other materials in common use.bonding other materials such as, ceramics,

Features :
– Suitable for vertical applications
– Low shrinkage
– Good environmental and chemical resistance
– Bonds a wide variety of materials

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Two component ambient temperature curing paste adhesive

Araldite® AV 4738 / Hardener HV 4739

Product Description
Araldite® AV 4738 / Hardener HV 4739 is a two component, ambient temperature curing paste adhesive, which after post-curing either at application or in service, will give bonds with temperature resistance up to 150°C and excellent resistance to common chemicals. It is suitable for bonding a range of metals and polymeric substances such as GRE, GRP, ABS and SMC.

Features :
– Temperature resistant to 150°C
– Excellent resistance to most common chemicals
– Non flowing paste for ease of application
– Gap filling
– Bonds metals and reinforced composites such as GRP and GRE
– Good performance after cure at ambient temperature
– Properties further enhanced by post-curing